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NYC Therapy Services Specializing in OCD, Trauma, and Mindfulness

Therapy can bring you closer to the person you’d like to be. This means exploring and discovering your values and aligning your life more closely with those values. It means helping you to make genuine, meaningful, purposeful choices.

At Dr. Devon MacDermott Therapy we help people of all ages, and with a wide variety of struggles, find relief and grow to be the people they want to be. Using mindfulness techniques that help you to understand and change problematic life patterns, we emphasize finding your strengths, your unique abilities, and allowing those to be the foundation of your growth.

Everyone in New York City experiences stress but sometimes stress can mount and become unmanageable. If you feel stuck in your work, relationships, or life, therapy can help. Dr. Devon MacDermott Therapy can help you make stressful experiences more manageable by teaching you to call on your natural coping mechanisms and inner strength.

The most effective treatment for OCD is Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) focusing on Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP). With this approach, we can help you to identify obsessions, replace compulsions with healthy coping skills, and teach you to tolerate your distress so it stops taking over your life. Together, we can teach you to confront your obsessive thoughts while reducing your urge to do compulsions giving you greater power over your OCD.

If you feel like your life is good but somethings still feels wrong, attachment therapy may be right for you. Attachment is how you learn to relate to yourself and others from a very young age. We all learn rules about ourselves and the world that are so deeply ingrained that we don't even know they're there. If you notice problematic patterns in your relationships or work, attachment therapy can help.

Trauma and stress can separate you from your intuitive coping systems. Mindfulness teaches you to tune into yourself through non-judgmental self-observation. Against all odds, those who have undergone trauma find positive outcomes as they heal. Whether you've suffered an accident, abuse, natural disaster, or painful relationship, you will discover that you can heal from trauma - that you are a resilient person, constantly striving towards growth and wholeness.